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How to Use a Bong to Consume Medical Marijuana: A Guide for Patients

Jun 04,2024 | E-DabPuff

One of the most important steps on your journey towards healing is figuring out which methods of taking cannabis work best for you. While there are many ways to consume medical marijuana, using a bong can be particularly effective for some patients, especially those with chronic pain.

In this article,we discuss on how to use a bong to consume medical marijuana, along with a detailed guide and the benefits of this method.

Why Use a Bong for Medical Marijuana?

Bongs make it possible to consume large doses of cannabis in one go. While many patients don’t need such large doses to treat their symptoms or conditions, some folks can only find relief in this way. Patients with chronic pain can tend to need larger doses of cannabis, sometimes due to the severity of their symptoms and other times due to the slow increase of tolerance that can come from using cannabis over time. For many, a bong can be the simplest and most efficient way to take a large dose quickly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Bong

1. Gather Your Supplies 🛠️

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need:

  • Your bong
  • Water
  • Ground herb (medical marijuana)
  • Lighter or hemp wick

2. Fill the Bong with Water 💧

Pour water into the bong’s base until it covers the bottom of the downstem. The water level should be just above the slits or holes in the downstem. This ensures the smoke is properly filtered and cooled.

3. Grind Your Herb 🌿

Use a grinder to break down your medical marijuana into small, even pieces. This allows for an even burn and a smoother smoking experience.

4. Pack the Bowl 🏺

Gently pack the ground herb into the bowl piece. Don’t pack it too tightly, as you want good airflow for an even burn. A loosely packed bowl ensures a smooth and enjoyable hit.

5. Light the Bowl and Inhale 🔥

Place your mouth inside the bong’s mouthpiece, creating a tight seal with your lips. Hold the bong firmly with one hand and use your other hand to light the bowl. As you light the herb, start inhaling slowly. This will draw the smoke through the water and into the chamber.

6. Watch the Bong Fill with Smoke 💨

Keep inhaling gently until the chamber fills with dense smoke. You’ll see the smoke bubbling through the water and rising up the neck of the bong. Be patient and don’t rush this step.

7. Clear the Chamber (The Release) 🔄

Once the chamber is full of smoke, it’s time to release it. Remove the bowl piece from the downstem to break the seal. This allows fresh air to rush in, pushing the smoke up and into your lungs. Inhale deeply to clear all the smoke from the chamber.

8. Exhale and Enjoy 😌

After inhaling the smoke, hold it in your lungs for a moment before exhaling. Take your time and enjoy the effects of the smooth, cooled smoke. Repeat the process as desired.

Benefits of Using a Bong for Medical Marijuana

1. Quick and Efficient 🌬️

Bongs allow for the rapid consumption of large doses, which can be crucial for patients who need immediate relief from severe symptoms.

2. Smooth Hits 💦

The water in the bong cools and filters the smoke, providing smoother hits that are easier on the throat and lungs, making it ideal for medical marijuana users.

3. Enhanced Potency 🚀

Since bongs allow you to inhale more smoke at once, they can deliver a more potent dose of medical marijuana quickly and efficiently.

4. Better Filtration 🔄

The water filtration process helps remove some of the toxins and tar from the smoke, making it a cleaner and healthier option compared to other methods.

Tips for a Great Bong Experience

  • Change the Water Regularly: Fresh water enhances the filtration and cooling process. Change the water before each session to ensure a clean and pleasant experience.
  • Clean Your Bong: Regularly clean your bong to prevent resin buildup and maintain smooth hits. Use isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to scrub away residue.
  • Use Ice for Extra Cooling: If your bong has an ice catcher, add ice cubes to cool the smoke even further. This provides an extra-smooth hit that’s easy on your throat.
  • Control Your Breathing: Inhale slowly and steadily to draw the smoke through the water. This helps ensure a smooth and controlled hit, reducing the risk of coughing.


Using a bong to consume medical marijuana can be a highly effective method for patients, especially those dealing with chronic pain who may require larger doses for relief. By following this step-by-step guide, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Remember to change the water regularly, keep your bong clean, and control your breathing for the best results. Happy smoking and take care on your journey towards healing!